Let's Improve Your Child's Current Reading Level in Just 4 Weeks 
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 I believe in your child's intelligence and potential to excel as a reader.

As a parent, you are your child's first and most important teacher, and I have full confidence in your ability to guide them to success.! 

Nida A.
Founder of the Little Champion 
Reader line of Products

  • Based on the 3-in-1 Reading Method: Uses the top 3 research-proven techniques: phonics, sight words, and vocabulary learning
  • ​Equally Effective for Babies/Toddlers & Older Children Struggling to Read: covers the most effective techniques for progressing from reading simple words to phrases to sentences
  • ​Cut the Fluff & Focus on Advancing Your Child's Reading:  eliminates unnecessary extra content and is 100% focused on helping your child advance their reading skills
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